JUSTIN BIEBER HEADPHONES ARE MINE! yesyesyes! I have been waiting for this item two weeks ago . Pictures are edited and the real color is Purple (fav color of Justin ♥♥) They sound very good , quality is excellent and... what else? they are perfect. Be sure I won't go out without them . LISTENING MUSIC ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT.

hi girls! I went party yesterday and I just have to say: WOW, not really, I have no words to describe! Music left a lot to be desire but it didn't stop me dancing all night and I was in good company, so :-)
About my look, I wore a black shirt from Atmosphere, it has a front zipper but I put the shirt backward because it looks better ! High heels from Suiteblanco and... these amazing pants from Primark!! I am in love with this print (do you remember I said the same here? that should be the destinity) but the pants let fall sooo much GLITTER, then the floor was shining! haha. See you later! XO

It's a new year. It's time to start again. Stop thinking about what you're going to do and start doing it. It's time to live your life and be who you are. Forget about whatever happened in 2013 and just move on. Take risks and be yourself, you only have one life, and it's time to make the most of it. Make a new year's resolution and this time achieve it no matter what the cost is. 
So here comes the famous Goals and Resolutions for 2014, get ready haha. 
To travel to Canary Islands 
To get my driving licence
To buy an iPhone 5
To get skinnier
To get my idol follows me

Become better at school
Laught alot
Help more
Didn't give up
Find joy in each day
Clean my room and keep it clean

New year, new life, new me. 

You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should go do them !

Hello ! It is 7 pm and this is the most probably the last post of the year. There are many details of my look for tonight, hope that you can wait for tomorrow to see more photos ! And.... Wish you a Happy New Year! Thanks for reading my blog and See you next year ;) XO

Hola ! Son las 7 de la tarde y lo ms probable es que este sea el ltimo post del ao. Hay algunos detalles de mi look de esta noche, espero que podis esperar a maana para ver ms fotos ! Y... os deseo un Feliz Ao Nuevo! Gracias por leer mi blg y Nos vemos el ao que viene ;) BESITOSS

Hi, dear! Sorry for not updating yesterday but I woke up late (at 1:30 pm) and I had to take a shower, have breakfast because I was very very hungry, and prepare myself to go to my grandma house, so when I got home I was so tired that I fell asleep ! Haha . Alright,  I hope that all your dreams come true in 2014, fight for them and never give up! This is what life consists! Happy 2014! xoxo

Hola guapas! Siento no haber actualizado ayer pero me levant tarde (a las 13:30) y me tena que duchar, desayunar porque estaba hambrienta, y prepararme para ir a casa de mi abuela, as que cuando llegu a casa estaba tan cansada que me qued dormida ! Jaja. Bueno, espero que todos vuestros sueos se hagan realidad en 2014, luchad por ellos y nunca os rindis! Esto es en lo que consiste la vida! Feliz 2014! besos

Great party ! We danced aaalll night ! Xo

I have in my hands the January issue of ELLE! I am seriously thinking about buying magazines in its original language (english); because I usually read Elle Spain online ;) The present of this issue is the ELLE FAMOUS AGENDA! Vogue Magazine gave its as well popular agenda (you can see it on the blog of Myriam) ♥ January is the agenda's month! Inside the magazine I found a Calvin Klein card for a makeover in a stand of CK, makeup samples, and a vanity case! :) Expect the unexpected !!!! haha XO!

Minutes before leaving home on december 24, mom called me and ask me to come to her room. As Im a good daughter :P I entered there and she gave me a gift, I was a little confused because presents are given the following day, so I opened it and IT WAS A SUPER HAIR JACKET! what I wanted!!! Thanks mommy :) Xo!

Definitely, my sister doesn't know yet how to use my camera
I am very fascinated these days because the odds are that I will travel to London next summer with my uncle, who lives there. I can imagine myself walking beside Big Ben, shopping at Victoria's Secret... . It is, of course, my dream. The problem is that I would like to go to Canary Islands again, to visit my family and friends and I don't know what place to choose. What would you choose? London or Canary Island?

Good morning beauties!! I woke up early today because I have to do so many things, like going to the post office to pick up a package, what will it be? then, I'm gonna go to the gym (spinning day!) and I'll back home. This afternoon, I am going to Seville city to ma Christmas shopping :) , see you later !!

I have had a very busy morning! My mom, sister and I have gone to shopping. My purchase is based on jewellery, underwear, black shorts for Christmas eve and a cute animal print cup!
Lipgloss from H&M
Jewellery from Stradivarius
Shorts from Bershka
Cup of Women Secret

Trying out new eyeshadows I decided to use colours as lilac and white.Copying a style of smoke eyes with light colors, where at the end of the eyelid, the tone gets darker. I should have used black eyeshadow maybe for an intense look. What do you seem? XOXO
Probando nuevas sombras de ojo decid utilizar colores como lila y blanco. Imitando un estilo de smokey eyescon colores claritos, donde al final del prpado mvil, el tono se hace ms oscuro. Tal vez debera haber usado una sombra negra para una mirada ms intensa. Qu te parece? besitos!

As many of you know, I am BELIEBER, yes, in capital letters because I am proud of my idol, he is the best and he loves us. we're a family. You know, I have never really been excited about Christmas but this year I am because BELIEVE MOVIE.
Justin was tired of all these rumors and he is gonna address everything; truth has come. 
This film is dedicated to Avalanna Routh, that little girl loved by all the fandom and Justin, of course. (since here... RIP Avalanna) The movie made me cried, I thought I was strong enough, but I wasnt. 
I cried a river when Justin said:
Sometimes you have to take the matters into your own hands, and fly. 
I support Justin through anything, I fight for him everyday, and he doesn't even know of my existence. But it's also pretty amazing how he saved my life, how he saved me from me, how he makes me smile when no one else can, how much you actually care about me, without knowing of my existence. 
Where would I be if you didn't believe

thank you, justin. ♥

Yesterday I had a full day, since I got up I didn't stop to do things! First, I went to the gym to sign up. Then I met my friends (as I told you) and we had lunch in Seville and had a great time together!! About 8 pm I got back home to take my bag and go to a friend's house with everybody :-)
Pictures were taken in Seville. What did you do yesterday? Happy Sunday!

In this outfit I am combining different tones of blue: dark and light! do you like the result?
Today is my best friend's birthday, happy b-day babe and sweet 17!

this was my outfit of yesterday, but i couldn't update so... here is! :-)

Because of I am obssesed with lipstick, I would like to know what colours are your favorites. Just choose numbers ! ☺

Happy Sunday !

Happy Weekend!

Seeing photos from summer, I realized I didn't tell you that I spent one day at AQUOPOLIS, an aquatic park, with my family and friends! I enjoyed a lot going down slides, swimming in the pools, sunbathing and I took the most delicious strawberry slush ever!
And you... have you gone to any aquatic park? //

I know summer season has finished but the other day I found in the shop online ofBlancothese two cute bikinis on offer! ♥ do you like them? ;)

I have dined with my neighbour at home, I missed spending evenings with her! she made me glad today because it was a bad day, so much love for her ♥

Little girls are in fashion too! They exactly dress like older women!
In my opinion, children, young and and adults have their own fashion. I mean... a little girl shouldn't wear heels, make up or adults things; it's not appropiate to their age! I don't know what you think...
Let me know, maybe?
But yes, they are cute! <3

(P.S: translate this blog post into your language!)
Anoche tuvo lugar en Sevilla la fiesta de H&M Fashion Tour de la que tanto os he estado hablando desde hace una semana.
Myriam y yo llegamos a la ciudad sobre las 7:30 de la tarde, estuvimos viendo tiendas de un sitio a otro mientras hacamos tiempo para las 9 de la noche, hora en la que todo empezaba. Las 8:57, myri y yo estbamos sentadas en un banco justo enfrente de la tienda H&M cuando vimos a un grupo de chicas correr hacia la entrada; nos miramos y salimos corriendo juntas! Nos pusimos en fila en los postes separadores que haba (feeling like a VIP). Al entrar lo primero que vi fueron globos, he mencionado que me encantan?! se nos acercaron los dependientes y nos entregaron una shopping bag a cada una. 3,2,1..shopping!! Al fondo de la planta baja se encontraba la modelo y blogger Cristina Tosio como DJ! Si en fotos es guapsima, imaginense en persona!! y es muy simptica, no tuvo ningun reparo en hacerse fotos con quien se lo peda :) En la segunda y tercera planta haba una barra donde servan MALIBU, podais ver a todos los asistentes con sus respectivos vasitos, trs chic!
Tras recorrernos el establecimiento de arriba a abajo unas cuatro o cinco veces, cerca de las 11 pm decidimos tomar camino hacia el bus para no perderlo!
Con respecto a mis compras, thanks god encontr lo que estaba buscando!!

These are my new purchases from H&M!
1. Scarf
2. Rings
3. Earrings
4. Boots
Do you like them?

ENGLISH: HEY!! I am proud of presenting to you a giveaway by the hand ofDahlia. You can aim to win a dress and a jacket, the one you want; and if you have no idea what to choose I made a wishlist for you ♥♥
The giveaway runs until10 October, sotake part in it right now!
Just doing these simple steps:- Follow@dahliafashion on twitter- LikeDahlia on facebook-ShareorRT it? Commenton any article on their blogs. & to finish...fill out this form! GOOD LUCK, GIRLS!! xoxo


T-shirt and shorts from Bershka // Shoes from Sometime

This is my motto. I always try to behavior like the kind of person I would like to meet. Have you any motto? if that's the case.. what is?
PS: It will be a videooutfitof this look..soon.
Shorts Bershka, Dress Bershka, Necklace local store, high heels Marypaz.

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