Finally Friday! What eternal week, really, I thought it would never end. I've done two tests and I'm sure I aced my test, this weekend I don't aim to do anything, jaa.
Now I'll rest a little, read blogs and keep up to date with news in fashion.
Photos I show you today were taken last Saturday but you know ... I've been so busy this week and I have not had time to upload them. I don't know what to wear to go out this afternoon yet, but before to go I'll make a post with pics. Kissess

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Wow, s flink du er til blogge!
12.04.2013, 16:31 URL:
Nikita Heggernes
Kjempe fine bilder!
12.04.2013, 16:32 URL:
Kjempe fin blogg, elsker genseren!

Kommenter gjerne til bake♥
12.04.2013, 16:38 URL:
S kult antrekk!
12.04.2013, 16:40 URL:
Victoria Ki
du er utrolig pen! god helg elena <3
12.04.2013, 16:41 URL:

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