Trying out new eyeshadows I decided to use colours as lilac and white.Copying a style of smoke eyes with light colors, where at the end of the eyelid, the tone gets darker. I should have used black...

Lipsticks are a good idea

Because of I am obssesed with lipstick, I would like to know what colours are your favorites. Just choose numbers ! ☺ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Happy Sunday !

Self-tanning towelettes

Oh hey! I'm so happy because this week is Seville's Fair and I'm enjoying it a lot!Well, I decided to use self-tanning towelettes. There are fromComodynesand on each pack you have 8 towelettes. The...

30 day squat challenge

♣ We started with a new month: April! -How quickly time passes, if it seems like yesterday when I was celebrating New Year's Eve. During this month I'm going to do the ''30 day squat challen...


what are my top tips for fashioning yourself skinny? Try a peplum hem. The silhouette makes your waist look smaller, and the peplum fabric will hide a tummy or a muffin top. Just make sure it?s lon...

Smokey Eyes

Deseando que sea esta noche. Para qu? Ms tarde os lo cuento! Mientras, os dir que voy a ir maquillada con el efectoSmokey Eyes, que me encanta, aunque nunca antes me haba atrevido ahacrmelo ...

Casual Day

Hi! I just came back home from street, I took a walk and now i'm watching Grey's Anatomy. I really like this Tv serie. I often watch it while I am doing homework! :-)

Finally, I'm happy.

Hiii!Finally I have my camera in my hands, when I got home I started to make me pictures like a crazy, they are not edited and I'm not make up, but I don't care, I'm happy!:D


Ohhh, I fell in love with nail lacquer that glow in the dark, but I don't know where can I buy it. Do you know any store that sells this? @elenagallego22

turquoise blue nails

Hellooo, a new week starts, I hope it pass quick, hehe. The other day a friend of my sister lent her turquoise nail polish and when I saw it, I liked it so much!! I ended up painted the mine too. ...


Helllllo! Do you remember I painted my nails yesterday? well, this is one picture about how I had my nails (pink) before remove the nail lacquer, it's very.... ugly! but whe I removed it and I pain...


hello! I update quickly, because I'm writting a text for french class of tomorrow, and it's soooo long -.- it's about LOVE. omg. Well, this is my nail colour of this week. Do you like? ♥ ...


This week I wear glitter nail lacquer! I bought this nail polish the last weekend, do you remember that I went to shopping? so, I bought it ♥ Really I didn't believe that my nails look with g...

red nails

Hi, sweets! I update quickly 'cause i'm going to go to grandmother house now, so i wanna leave a photo of my nails colour. I know they are bad painted, i'm sorry babes. haha. I promise you to paint...

Nail Polish

Good morning, girls! I have a dilemma: I do not know what color to paint my nails. Right now I carry the color 8, but my nails are chipped, so I want to try other colors. Please leave me a comme...


Hello! In this post I want to show youmy cosmetics for the day by day makeup. In the picture above, I have made an overview.In the pictures below I will explain more detail. Read on! Okey, I use t...
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