februar 2013

Let's go!

It's time to go out! I'm already prepared for a birthday, I'm going to take the opportunity to take me photos and then bye! See you tonight! :)

Andalusia Day

Good morning! I had no classes today because it is the Day of Andalusia, and is festive, happiness! I got up early because at 1 pm I have a birthday at a friend's house and we go there to lunch and...


How I was make up my arms on Carnivals

New nail polish

I'm a big fan of dark nail polish, but lately I've been seeing a lot of light nail polish, so the other day when I was in a store to buy things for the costume I saw this pink nail polish. The rea...


Muchsimas ganas de que llegue esta noche porque son losCarnavales de Gines, sabis de qu me voy a disfrazar? Os dejo una pista con la siguiente foto: Yessss, de tigre! Voy con una camiseta ne...

Smokey Eyes

Deseando que sea esta noche. Para qu? Ms tarde os lo cuento! Mientras, os dir que voy a ir maquillada con el efectoSmokey Eyes, que me encanta, aunque nunca antes me haba atrevido ahacrmelo ...

Are you dying?

I was turning on my laptop when I saw my screen in black. It is +5 years old, so i am thinking to buy a new laptop. While I will use my mum's laptop..

Fluor t-shirt

Hi! Last week, I went shopping to Seville and the only thing I bought was this fluor t-shirt, it's perfect to PE class and Zumba! Hope this summer will bring fluor colours, because it makes me mad ;).

What to wear in the Fashion Week

PD: Use the translator, because this text is written in spanish* La poca de desfiles y semanas de la moda ha llegado. Para las afortunadas que asisten a este tipo de eventos ?yo, por desgracia,...


Hoy quiero dedicarle una entrada al chico ms especial de mi vida:mi primo Jose Mara. Naci hace cinco aos, un 15 de febrero. Nadie de la familia quera que naciera ese da, puesto que se cumpl...

My Valentine's Day

Casual Day

Hi! I just came back home from street, I took a walk and now i'm watching Grey's Anatomy. I really like this Tv serie. I often watch it while I am doing homework! :-)

Finally, I'm happy.

Hiii!Finally I have my camera in my hands, when I got home I started to make me pictures like a crazy, they are not edited and I'm not make up, but I don't care, I'm happy!:D


hey!i'm looking forward to being tomorrow because of my camera arrives at home! I have planned to do a photoshoot, I already know what I'd wear that day. but I prefer waiting until to be 100% recover.

Glitter high heels

Yesterday, I went to Seville and I saw this glitter high heels in a store. That reminds me to a pair of Nelly high heels, but to a pair of Louboutin too. It cost 27? and I am seriously thinking abo...

Happiness has come.

HEEEELLLOOO ! I just got a good new: my camera is repaired. How I missed it, i was so tired of taking pictures with my sister's camera, because her camera is bad quality. I hope to have it tomor...

Mommy, I wanna be model.

Hi! I have been ill for few days. Fortunately, I'm better today and I have re-read some Elle magazines. My favorite is April Elle 2012 (n 307), because it was my first magazine and I read an arti...


Strawberry milkshake

Today, for the first time, I did a strawberry milkshake..it was delicious! I took it in my patio with the ray of sunlight because today has been a sunday, is it still winter? haha. After, I worked...

Why I want to lose weight:

♥. I will be able to wear anything I want to ♥. My legs will look amazing when I wear dresses/skirts ♥. I will be the skinny friend ♥.I will be proud of myself ♥.I...
Elena Gallego

Elena Gallego

17, yer

Hello, girls! My name is Elena, I'm 16 and I live in Spain. My biggest dream is to become a model. I love fashion, photography, modeling, laughing, music, family, friends, , trips, movie nights, california, long hair and of course you!;) if you wanna contact with me, send an e-mail to: elenagallegofernandez@hotmail.com