august 2013

Look of the day

BE THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU WANT TO MEET This is my motto. I always try to behavior like the kind of person I would like to meet. Have you any motto? if that's the case.. what is? PS: It will be a ...

Look of the day: Eagle print

Hii, yesterday was a family day because we called on my grandma and there was my uncles and cousins. I wore a lefties shirt, zara shorts, sometime shoes and lipstick is from avon. At night my si...


California Dreams lookbook was inspired by all girls who love the sun, the ones that live for summer, for hanging out with her best friend and spending all day at beach. Living young, wild and free...

TODAY'S OUTFIT: denim jacket and white dress

DENIM JACKETS! I am totally in love with these clothing because they convert dresses into a casual outfit, I like them in all their versions: short and long sleeved. What kind of sleeved do you pre...
Elena Gallego

Elena Gallego

17, yer

Hello, girls! My name is Elena, I'm 16 and I live in Spain. My biggest dream is to become a model. I love fashion, photography, modeling, laughing, music, family, friends, , trips, movie nights, california, long hair and of course you!;) if you wanna contact with me, send an e-mail to: