oktober 2013

outfit 29.10.13

In this outfit I am combining different tones of blue: dark and light! do you like the result? Today is my best friend's birthday, happy b-day babe and sweet 17!

Fly away - outfit

this was my outfit of yesterday, but i couldn't update so... here is! :-)

Lipsticks are a good idea

Because of I am obssesed with lipstick, I would like to know what colours are your favorites. Just choose numbers ! ☺ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Happy Sunday !

outfit 25.10.13

Happy Weekend!


Seeing photos from summer, I realized I didn't tell you that I spent one day at AQUOPOLIS, an aquatic park, with my family and friends! I enjoyed a lot going down slides, swimming in the pools, sun...


I know summer season has finished but the other day I found in the shop online ofBlancothese two cute bikinis on offer! ♥ do you like them? ;)

Dinner with my girl

I have dined with my neighbour at home, I missed spending evenings with her! she made me glad today because it was a bad day, so much love for her ♥


Little girls are in fashion too! They exactly dress like older women! In my opinion, children, young and and adults have their own fashion. I mean... a little girl shouldn't wear heels, make up or...


(P.S: translate this blog post into your language!) Anoche tuvo lugar en Sevilla la fiesta de H&M Fashion Tour de la que tanto os he estado hablando desde hace una semana...

On my shopping bag

These are my new purchases from H&M! 1. Scarf 2. Rings 3. Earrings 4. Boots Do you like them?
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