Hello! Do you remember that I was doing a physical education work?Well here it is! it's about how to get fit for free, that is, without having to pay for going to a gym, for example. I hope your o...


Friends are born, not made. Idrew up an ambitious plan, itentailed staying on your side. What do you think about the videoblogg?

Views from my flat roof

Hi, babes. I made a video yesterday afternoon. what happen in the video? so, I wanna show you the views from my flat roof. From my house, I can see Seville. it's a spectacular view!! Sorry for qual...

Punta Umbra BEACH

Here a video of summer, when I went to Cristina's beach house. We were preparing for go out and visit the village: Punta Umbra, Huelva (Spain). DO YOU HAVE A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT? WRITE ME IT IN A COM...

A change in my room

This video is 3 weeks ago, but until today I didn't know how to add a video on the posts. Sorry, but I'm novice here.
Elena Gallego

Elena Gallego

17, yer

Hello, girls! My name is Elena, I'm 16 and I live in Spain. My biggest dream is to become a model. I love fashion, photography, modeling, laughing, music, family, friends, , trips, movie nights, california, long hair and of course you!;) if you wanna contact with me, send an e-mail to: